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Matt Fernandez

Written articles for College Humor and Playboy. Second City
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J. B. Ball

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Mona Chiarizio

Born in South Korea and raised in South Jersey, Mona Chiarizio is a unique mixture of girl-next-door and WTF?! Her comedic style combines a healthy dose of sarcasm and a hint of pop culture that resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Mona easily tackles taboo topics with her wit and insight. She was a semi-finalist in the 2013 Florida's Funniest statewide competition and, in addition to being a club favorite, has earned high placement in a number of other contests.

Law Smith

One of today's up and comers, Law has established himself as a voice for Generation Y. In 2006, he was dared to do a set and has not looked back. Nine road grinding years later, he is one of the fastest rising performers on the comedy circuit. His welcoming presence coupled with wry wit and topical humor leaves any audience with a smile on their face.   Co-Headlined The Walk of Shame Comedy Tour, a 43 show National Comedy Tour in Spring of 2009. Co-Headlined The Pink Ribbon Comedy Tour, a 70 show national, charity-driven comedy tour in 2010.  


Joe Riga

Recently on Comedy Time TV, Tampa Improv and Levity Live - With deadpan optimism and off-the-cuff wit, comedian Joe Riga entertains audiences with a view of life as a regular, hard-working American—If that American obsessed over drinking tap water, dogs, and growing up in the 90’s. His critical eye hits familiar topics such as hard work and relationships, but often turns inward, saving the harshest assessments for the comedian himself. His easy going lifestyle engages crowds while establishing a self-aware accessible persona that turns everyday struggles into intelligent humor.