Bert Kreischer's Call In Sick To Work Show Is This Friday!!

by Law Smith 

Here's how this works.

  1. Friday morning, you call your shitty office job, and burn one of your sick days. Yes, you won't have any sick days in the Fall 2015, but who cares about Future You? Not Present You.
  2. You Uber/Lyft your way to Ybor.  You tell the driver to stop the trying-too-hard small talk and put on 102.5 FM The Bone because Bert will be boozin' at The Mike Calta Show.
  3. You find a bar that won't bum you out because it is 9:00 AM and you aren't at an airport bar.  
  4. At 11:45 AM, you meander over to the Tampa Improv to see Bert perform. Get tickets here. 

Bert has always been very cool to me.  He doesn't have to be, but he is. In 2006, I moved to LA right after college to pursue stand up and through family-friends, Bert was cool enough to meet up with me before doing a set at the Melrose Improv.  From a LA social perspective's sake, I got 372 calls about a family-friend moving from Tampa to LA to pursue a creative career.  My record of meeting family-friends from Trigger City was 0-372.  From a comedian's perspective, a headlining comedian doesn't owe shit to a green 21 year-old that looks like Uncle Joey from Full House with all of 30 open mics under his belt.  

I thought it would be cool to use whatever local influence Cigar City Comedy has to help promote this show.  I hope this post doesn't read like some fanboy of The Machine.  Give credit where credit is due.  His performances are engaging, unpredictable and hilarious. If you listen to Bert's podcast, The BertCast, he talks about trying to get to another level comedically/professionally/paternally.  The best comedy is anchored by authenticity. I'm interested to see him downplay the party guy and move toward Real Talk. 

Start you Gasparilla early! Get tickets here.