This Puppy-Don't-Drink-And-Drive Budweiser Commercial Is The Best And Worst

I'll break down the beats of the entire commercial:

  • Adorable puppy growing up with that commercial typecast of Gruffy White Guy that's in 78% of all commercials.  Gruffy White Guy actors must always have a 3 day beard to full beard, a plaid button down shirt and no athletic ability.  Gruffy White Guy actors have range of "he looks like my unemployed buddy" to "he probably owns his own graphic design company and works from home."
  • Gruffy White Guy's bros come into the picture doing stuff Budweiser drinkers never do - interracial meet up at the lake, running and jumping off a dock, hosting a hipster BBQ and walking to the car with the 6-pack.  
    • Unless you're a "cool" youth pastor, no one carries a 6-pack of Budweiser anywhere.  If you show up with anything less than a 12-pack of Budweiser, real Budweiser drinkers will clown the shit out of you until you go get more.  
    • Also, is the 6-pack for the whole gaggle of nerds the whole night? Or is Gruffy White Guy the kind of fella that will only drink Budweiser because his taste hasn't changed since high school.  There's literally 3,000 microbreweries now, c'mon Guy!
  • Awesome Dog waits by the door waiting Gruffy to come back. Then, the commercial makes you bummed out that Awesome Dog may never get Gruffy back. 
  • Then, Gruffy comes back! He was just a shithead and forgot he had adult responsibilities like feeding Awesome Dog or taking Awesome Dog for a walk!  

I watched this, and thought "this is a great commercial!" Then, there was immediate shame - I kinda give more of a shit about Awesome Dog not having Gruff back (awww, puppy sad!) - than empathizing actual M.A.D.D. mom. 

The real commercial should be Gruffy pounding an 18-pack of Budweiser while watching football and obsessively checking his fantasy scores, and then taking Uber or Lyft home. 


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Law Smith is a comedian, dog lover, C.O.O. of Cigar City Comedy and co-host of the Triple Option Podcast. You should use his Uber and/or Lyft promo codes.