The Debut of "Humidor" at Wicked 'Wiches & Brew

Starting this month, Cigar City Comedy will be hosting a weekly stand-up comedy showcase in South Tampa.  Given the name "Humidor", events will feature some of the brightest comedic minds in Florida and nationwide.  With varying perspectives and styles, each week guarantees to be a unique and hilarious experience for even the toughest critic.

"Humidor" will be hosted at Wicked 'Wiches & Brew on South Howard in Tampa, which is best known for their creatively delicious sandwiches.  Nothing pairs with a sandwich better than beer and laughter, which is why we're all so excited.  The first show takes place on Thursday, May 14th at 8:30PM, and will feature Cigar City City Founder Law Smith, along with performances by Matt Fernandez, Krishna Reddy, Jared Waters, and Cam Bertrand.

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