Two Easy 2015 Resolutions I Want The Women In My Life To Adopt

By Law Smith

I know my clickbait title makes me look like a misogynistic, pro men’s rights blogger, but hey, you’re here. This isn't a post about 2015 resolutions in finding yourself through transcendental meditation. While I have you here, I just want to point to two ideas that are simple to purchase, and more importantly, simple to implement.  

I hate wasting my life waiting for my fiancé to find shit that is easily accessible if you place it in the same spot every time.  I understand she has a great purse game and her things are on the move like gypsys. 

1. Stop Losing Your Goddamn Keys


I bought 4 (for $70!) for my fiancé, two sisters and mom for Christmas.  How many have actually installed the app and placed on their keys? I’m 0-4.

2. Charge Your Goddamn Phone

Backup Phone Charger 

I understand this less than constantly losing keys.  I wish I could sit on a porch drinking Arnold Palmers with Larry David and ask, Why are all the girls’ phones constantly dying?? This drives me insane.  I bought this Anker 2nd phone charger for long partying days like going to see the Buccaneers lose.