Why Did I Just Find Out You Can Order Publix Subs Online?

Publix's sandwich making assembly line is like the OPPOSITE of Chipotle's. Ever tried to get a sandwich at a Publix in Tuscaloosa, AL? I have. Hungover and craving a chicken tender sub, I almost turned into D-Fens from Falling Down and gave up after 30 minutes.  I started to empathize with Nick Saban. He is still angry after several national championships because he can never get his goddamn Boar's Head Ultimate Sub quick enough.

Perhaps, Publix employees are too nice and too accommodating for adults looking down at their phones.  Either way, efficiency, much like the T.S.A., isn't the Publix deli counter's game. However, ordering online is like theTSA Pre✓ but we'll actually execute instead of saying "as soon as I get back from home from this vacation/wedding/funeral/business trip, I'm making an appointment."  Plus, you get the false sense of entitlement over the plebeians waiting in line!   

I feel like my friends owe me minutes of my life back.  They should have told me I can order online 10 months ago and almost 2.5 years after their trial at a Sarasota store.

Again, I found out a couples of days ago. I hope this post helps the unaware of this feature. Please pass/share this information along to your friends that have an AOL email or use a flip phone.


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