Why Does Creative Loafing Tampa Bay Neglect The Local Comedy Scene?

by Law Smith

51 issues up. 51 issues down.  Not one dedicated to the local comedy scene.

Here’s a breakdown of all the Creative Loafing issues in 2014:

News/Politics (9)
Jan 23-29, Mar 13-19, May 29-Jun 4, Jun 5-11, Jul 10-16, Sept 4-10, Oct 16-22, Nov 20-26, Nov 27 - Dec 3

Music (6)
Feb 20-26, May 1-7, May 8-14, Jul 3-9, Jul 24-30, Aug 28 - Sept 3

Food & Drink (7)
Jan 30 - Feb 5, Feb 27 - Mar 5, Mar 6-12, Apr 10-16, Jun 12-18, Aug 14-20, Oct 9-15

Arts & Entertainment (16)
Jan 9-15, Feb 6-12, Mar 20-26, Mar 27 - Apr 2, Apr 3-9, Apr 17-23, Apr 24-30, Jul 17-23, Aug 21-27, Sept 11-17, Sept 25 - Oct 1, Oct 2-8, Oct 23-29, Oct 30- Nov 5, Dec 4-10, Dec 11-17, Dec 18-24

Sex & Love (2)
Feb 13-19, June 26 - Jul 2

Health & Fitness (4)
Jan 1-8, Jan 16-22, May 15-21, Jun 19-25

Misc (6)
May 22-28 (Summer Guide), Jul 31 - Aug 6 (Intern Issue), Aug 7-13 (Gulfport Neighborhood Guide),  Sept 18-24 (Best of the Bay), Nov. 6-12 (Design-A-City), Nov. 13-19 (Holiday Auction)

I hope the Creative Loafing staff sees this tongue-and-cheek blog post in the type of way you would call out a friend at a dinner that “always forgets his wallet.”  There is a thriving comedy scene in the Tampa Bay area that feels egregiously overlooked.  Christ, having a “Word Play” issue about the raging literary scene and not including any comedians felt like y’all pinched a creative loaf on the comedy scene’s chest (see! we love word play!). 

Here’s my challenge to CL Tampa.  

We (Cigar City Comedy) will put on a stand up show in the Creative Loafing Space for the CL Tampa staff and their friends some time in the 1st quarter of 2015.  If the staff thinks we’re funny, CL Tampa publishes a local comedy issue.  If the CL staff doesn’t have a sense of humor, then no local comedy issue.  You can email me here.

Perhaps, we can involve some companies or organizations we have partnered in the past, like Cigar City Brewing

or Brew Bus Tampa

and/or integrate a fundraising aspect. Maybe we can raise more money for one the following local charities we have donated the cover charge to:

Frameworks of Tampa Bay
High Risk Hope
Children’s Cancer Center
Make A Wish Central Florida
Alikah Institute for Women
on bikes
Connected By 25 - Hillsborough County
Operation Helping Hand
Instruments 4 Life
Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County
Moffitt Cancer Center
Metropolitan Ministries 

Or not, and y’all can keep doin’ what you’re doin’ 

Law Smith is a comedian, native Tampianian and will never win a Creative Loafing Best Of The Bay award.